FRC 2019 Season Completed!

After a long and challenging build and competition season, we are done with the season! We competed at the Pittsburgh Regional where we were the captain of the 5th seeded alliance. We got eliminated in quarterfinals, but are still very proud of our results. There will be pictures posted soon of competition. For now, here is a nice picture of some team members in the pit after competition. We want

Welcome Back/Start of Build Season!

Hey! Welcome to (or for most, back) for another year of TigerTronics! Quick sum up, the theme is video games. It’s basically a mix of the climbing from “Storm the Castle”, and the moving of blocks from “Recycle Rush”. We are so excited for another great year! Go 2053!!

Robot Test Video

Bag & Tag is Over!

With our robot finalized, we’ve packed it up and now we are practicing with the second robot we made, in order to win the competition on March 15

Competition only one month away!

With the competition being only one month away, TigerTronics is hard at work with designing & building the robot. We’ve been working hard on creating the proper tools that our robots can use to achieve victory!  

2017 Competition: Steamworks

The 2017 competition has been announced: Steamworks. This intense competition involves robots made by teams around the world trying to power up a steampunk airship. The rules goes as follows; Teams will build robots to achieve two objectives on the arena. The first objective is fueling the boiler. Points are scored by either getting the fuel the lower goal of the boiler, or by launching them to the high goal,

Build Season Has Begun!

With the 2017 FIRST Robotics competition being announced, work is underway! The team has been hard at work designing and building the robot, with the competition being only a few short weeks away.

Pittsburgh Regional

Recently, we competed at our first regional of the year in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We went 8/9 in our qualification rounds, leading us into the quarterfinals where we decided on who we would alliance with. Our alliance members (teams 1507 and 4547) were great additions to the team. After winning both quarterfinal rounds, we advanced onto semifinals where we competed against the number one seeded team. Unfortunately, we didn’t win these

MecaTankanum’s Reveal 2016

After weeks of designing, prototyping, CAD-ing, building, and programming MekaTankanum is here. MecaTankanum’s Reveal Video: 2016

2016 Game: FRC Stronghold

FRC Stronghold is 2016’s new game that features new challenges and obstacles to overcome for our team. This year we will have to complete tasks with our new robot such as getting past 8 different kinds of “defenses”, shooting balls into towers and also climbing them. With game elements like towers, and ramps, our team has a lot to think about, but we are up for the challenge! Learn More About FRC

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