TigerTronics is US FIRST Robotics team 2053. From Union-Endicott and Vestal High Schools in upstate New York, TigerTronics competes each year in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a unique varsity sport of the mind which challenges high-school students from around the world to design and build robots to play a unique and ever-changing game. We would not be able to do so without theĀ support of many sponsors, mentors and volunteers, teachers, students, and alumni.


Our team is dedicated to encouraging students to get involved with math, science, engineering, and technology by giving them chances to build their skills and interests in these areas while designing, programming, and building real, working robots and competing with them with the thousands of other FIRST teams around the world. TigerTronics is also active in spreading interest in science and engineering through robotics demonstrations throughout the Triple Cites area of the Southern Tier of New York.


US FIRST is an organization that seeks to promote science, engineering and technology among young people and has been in existence for over a decade. In the spirit of FIRST, TigerTronics seeks to promote these fields to students and throughout the community.

In TigerTronics, like in all FIRST teams, mentors work alongside students. This unique approach to learning allows students to gain first-hand experience in the industry, and allows them to get expert help from professional engineers. Our team strongly believes that it should be students, not mentors, who design and build our robots, however. Although TigerTronics’ mentors take an active part in teaching students and providing feedback and assistance, our robots are designed and built by students.


TigerTronics is an exciting team, which has achieved amazing success through the dedication and hard work of its students, mentors, parents, and teachers. We are excited about the possibilities open to us, and look forward to continuing our success.F9269FRC_SiegelCenter2015

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Our Robots

-Atlas (2007)
-Apollo (2008)
-Tritos (2009)
-Soccerates (2010)
-Liftenshtien (2011)
-Athena (2012)
-Discus Maximus (2013)
-Carnivora (2014)
-Cappin Planet (2015)
-Mecatankanum (2016)