January 2018

Welcome Back/Start of Build Season!

Hey! Welcome to (or for most, back) for another year of TigerTronics! Quick sumĀ up, the theme is video games. It’s basically a mix of the climbing from “Storm the Castle”, and the moving of blocks from “Recycle Rush”. We are so excited for another great year! Go 2053!!

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Days Until Kickoff 2020

-137Days -22Hours -22Minutes -26Seconds

Our Robots

-Atlas (2007)
-Apollo (2008)
-Tritos (2009)
-Soccerates (2010)
-Liftenshtien (2011)
-Athena (2012)
-Discus Maximus (2013)
-Carnivora (2014)
-Cappin Planet (2015)
-Mecatankanum (2016)