Pittsburgh Regional

Recently, we competed at our first regional of the year in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


We went 8/9 in our qualification rounds, leading us into the quarterfinals where we decided on who we would alliance with. Our alliance members (teams 1507 and 4547) were great additions to the team. After winning both quarterfinal rounds, we advanced onto semifinals where we competed against the number one seeded team. Unfortunately, we didn’t win these rounds, however we came close! We were only 10 points away from a tie in the first match. We were the only team with a 9-1-0 (win-loss) record other than the number one team; we were in the top ten for crossing the defense points; we were in top 5 for scaling/challenging the tower points and we were third for autonomous points.


There was even one point in qualification rounds where we were the number one seeded team!


Although we did not win this regional, we got very far and are proud of all of our accomplishments. During the awards ceremony we were given the Innovation in Control Award for having field-centric driving, and for having a special drive train: mecanum and tank treads. We are excited to go to the Long Island Regional next week!

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