2017 Competition: Steamworks

The 2017 competition has been announced: Steamworks. This intense competition involves robots made by teams around the world trying to power up a steampunk airship. The rules goes as follows; Teams will build robots to achieve two objectives on the arena. The first objective is fueling the boiler. Points are scored by either getting the fuel the lower goal of the boiler, or by launching them to the high goal, which is over 2.5 meters high! The other objective is to deliver gears to the alliance’s airship, in order to turn the rotors. Each rotor requires a different amount of gears in order to get them turning. Bonus points are obtainable by getting a certain amount of fuel in the boilers, turning all 4 rotors, and by getting the robots to climb and hang on the side of the airship.

When the round starts, the robots are in the autonomous phase of the game for 15 seconds; during which the human players have no direct control over their robot. Any and all points scored during this phase are increased, and teams can either choose to go for points or to get into a strategic position for the start of the game. After that the alliances can control their robots and continue on with the match.

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