FRC 2019 Season Completed!

After a long and challenging build and competition season, we are done with the season! We competed at the Pittsburgh Regional where we were the captain of the 5th seeded alliance. We got eliminated in quarterfinals, but are still very proud of our results. There will be pictures posted soon of competition. For now, here is a nice picture of some team members in the pit after competition.

In the pit
The Drive Team before eliminations

We want to say thank you to our alliance partners FRC 2641 PCCR and FRC 5811 BONDS for an awesome partnership. We would also like to congratulate 5811 on their Chairman’s Award. It is a big honor to win and we wish you the best of luck at the championship!

So close! We weren’t quite above the plane of the platform so we didn’t get the points!

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-Atlas (2007)
-Apollo (2008)
-Tritos (2009)
-Soccerates (2010)
-Liftenshtien (2011)
-Athena (2012)
-Discus Maximus (2013)
-Carnivora (2014)
-Cappin Planet (2015)
-Mecatankanum (2016)