Season Wrap-up

At the beginning of this season our team took on the challenge of designing a robot that could undergo the 2015 challenge of “Recycle Rush”. After arriving to Virginia and competing we seeded ninth out of sixty-four teams from around the world.

Cappin Planet’s Reveal 2015

Robot Preview 2015


Season Pictures!

Here are a few pictures from the first few  days of the 2015 build season!

2015 Game Recycle Rush

As of yesterday, FIRST Team 2053 has officially begun its build season with the announcement of the 2015 challenge-Recycle Rush! The game involves constructing a robot to place totes on top of each other and maneuver pool noodles (or “litter”) into trash cans which we will place atop the stacks.

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Our Robots

-Atlas (2007)
-Apollo (2008)
-Tritos (2009)
-Soccerates (2010)
-Liftenshtien (2011)
-Athena (2012)
-Discus Maximus (2013)
-Carnivora (2014)
-Cappin Planet (2015)
-Mecatankanum (2016)